Thursday, October 21, 2010

Neighborhood Meeting - November 1

Our Next Neighborhood Association Meeting
November 1, 7:00 PM
Lakewood Property Owners Association Hospitality Room
4500 Lakeshore Drive

This is a very important meeting for our neighborhood association

It is time to elect new officers for our association. We need persons to serve as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Currently only one person has expressed a willingness to serve as an officer.
We ask that any of our members, who would like to serve as an officer, please contact Presley Melton or Charlie Knott in advance of the meeting. This is vital to the future of our neighborhood association. If you have questions about the responsibilities of the officers, please contact Charlie Knott.

Contact Information
Presley Melton Chairman of the Nominating Committee

Charlie Knott President

We will also take nominations from the floor at the meeting.

Also at this Meeting
Aldermen Charlie Hight and Murry Witcher have both said they will attend. You will have an opportunity to hear about current issues and ask questions.
Robert Fureigh, candidate for Ward 4 Alderman and Shane Stacks, Candidate for District 15 Justice of the Peace also plan to attend.
We will also have an update and discussion on the development across Five Mile Creek.
Development of Subdivision is Under Way across Five Mile Creek
Metropolitan Realty has begun development of Overbrook Addition, Phase 19, on the north side of Five Mile Creek adjacent to our neighborhood. The development is on a tract of land approximately twelve acres in size. The tract is bounded on the north and east by Sherwood and on the west and south by North Little Rock. It is to have 22 lots, about one-third acre each.

A bridge is being constructed at the north end of Fairway Avenue to access the development. A road will extend about 1200 feet north with houses on either side. Plans call for the road to terminate with a cul-de-sac and not connect with Sherwood streets.
This is very important to our neighborhoods, because connecting with Sherwood streets would increase traffic through our neighborhoods on Fairway and Somers. Our association, under the leadership of former president, Nate Brandes, took an active role in safeguarding our neighborhoods during the early stages of project planning.

Metropolitan Realty has had extensive studies done under the direction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Corps of Engineers. We presently foresee no problems with this development, if it proceeds according to approved plans.

Additional Information
If you would like additional information, please email Charlie Knott at . I have a drawing that shows a layout of the development and provides additional information, which was not practical to include in the newsletter.

Ward 4 Alderman Election
Alderman Murry Witcher is up for re-election as alderman. He is being opposed by Robert Fureigh. Please plan to attend our November 1 association meeting, where you will have an opportunity to hear the candidates speak and to ask them questions on issues important to our ward and city.

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