Thursday, August 27, 2009


RazorRock, billed as Central Arkansas' week-long Razorback football rally, will lead into Arkansas' September 5th home opener against Missouri State in Little Rock's War Memorial Stadium. The week will culminate in a first-ever, Friday night pep rally on the historic Junction Bridge, connecting the downtowns of Little Rock and North Little Rock. For more information, including a complete schedule of events, visit All events and times are subject to change.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Electronic changeable message signs

If you have an opinion on how the use of electronic changeable message signs should be controlled in North Little Rock, now is a good time to contact our aldermen. Their contact information is:
Charlie Hight 758-8396
Murry Witcher 835-0009

Contact information for other aldermen and alderwomen is on the City of North Little Rock website

These bright, programmable signs with messages that can change every few seconds can adversely affect the appearance on our neighborhoods and community and can possibly be distracting for drivers.

A work session has been scheduled for the aldermen and alderwomen on Thursday, August 6. They will be trying to draft an ordinance by the end of August to regulate the installation and use of this type of sign . This would enable them to present the draft ordinance at City Council and have a public hearing in September.

On April 27 the City Council voted to place a moratorium on this type of sign and prohibit installation through August 31, while they work on an ordinance. They have since extended the moratorium through September 30.

Don't miss this opportunity to express your opinion, while this ordinance is being written.

Thank you,
Charlie Knott
President, Northeast Lakewood Associated Neighborhoods

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NLR Council Agenda - August 10th

NLR Council Agenda - August 10th @ 7:00 p.m.
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National Night Out

Many of your neighbors came together to share ice cream and a walk around the neighborhood. Several police officers as well as our fire fighters came to become better acquainted with us.

The ice cream and cold drinks were certainly welcome after such a hot day.


1. BHBA Case # 528 – Mr. Rocky Govind, McCain Lodging, representing Hilton Garden Inn at 4100 Glover Lane – To allow a wall mounted sign on the south side of the building not facing the street frontage, allowing a sign on a second façade of the building in a C-3 zoning district.
2. BHBA Case # 529 – Mr. Jasper Burton, Cuerden Sign Co, representing Broadway Motel (Haman Patel) at 2800 E. Broadway St - To allow a 4 foot height variance and/or a 5 ft setback variance from the front property line for a monument sign in a C-4 zoning district and the E. Broadway Sign Overlay District.
3. BHBA Case # 530 – Mrs. Lisa Douglas, Douglas Law Firm at 2300 Main Street – To allow wall sign of 94.5 sq. ft, a variance of 43.5 sq. ft. above the 10% allowed (51 sq. ft.), for a wall sign on the front façade of the building in a C-3 zoning district.
4. BHBA Case # 531 – Mr. Tom Gibbons, Lamar Outdoor Advertising – Billboard location 2620 E. Broadway St – To appeal Planning Director's administrative decision that half of the value of the structure was lost by storm.

NLR Planning Commission - August 11, 2009 - 4:45 PM

Subdivision Administrative:
A. SPR-2151-09 O.T. Branch Addition, Lot A (site plan review of an addition to a warehouse at 3113 East Washington)
B. Rep-2152-09 Innerplan Office Subdivision, Lots 1R and 2 (replat of a single lot into 2 lots located along Innerplan Drive near Maumelle Blvd)
C. Rep-2153-09 Rose City Oil Mill Addition, Lot B (replat of 3 lots into 1 and site plan review of an addition to a tire store at 4017 East Broadway)
D. NS– 2154-09 Ranchettes at Deer Meadows, Lot 16A and 16B (preliminary plat and site plan review of a storage building at Colonel Maynard and Spectrum Road)
E. NS-2155-09 Faulkner Crossing, Phase 3 and 4 (preliminary plat of next phases of an existing residential subdivision at Hwy 391 and Faulkner Lake Rd)
F. NS-2156-09 Northshore Business Park, Lot 13, Block 10 (preliminary plat and site plan review of a golf driving range at the end of Northshore Cove)
G. NS-2157-09 Cooper Farm Addition, Lots 1-3 (preliminary plat of subdivision west of the Desoto Sand property along Faulkner Lake Road)

Public Hearing – New Business:
1. Rezone # 1492 / Special Use # 675. To rezone from R-1 to R-2 to allow a Special Use, and then a Special Use to allow for a manufactured home in a R-2 zone. The request is located at 4319 Aspen Drive.
2. Special Use # 676. To allow a daycare center in an R-3 zone. The request is located at 600 West 22nd Street.
3. Special Use # 677. To allow a daycare center in an R-3 zone. The request is located at 4509 Rogers.
4. Rezone # 1493. To rezone from R-1, C-2, C-6, GBW to R-1, I-1,C-2 and GBW and amend the Land Use Plan. The request is 362 acres located NE of intersection of Brett and Faulkner Lake Roads.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ice cream & neighborhood walk

Come join us for ice cream and a great get-together Tuesday, August 4, 7:30 PM, at 4533 Purnell Drive. Come at 7:00 if you would like to join the neighborhood walk before the ice cream.

Call Charlie Knott at 554-0425 or email

We expect some of our police officers to come by and some firefighters with a fire engine. This will be a good opportunity to show our appreciation to them.
Also, Aldermen Murry Witcher and Charlie Hight said they will attend.

Due to limited parking space, we ask that everyone walk to the event. Please call for a ride, if you need assistance getting there. Also, please bring a lawn chair.


We are inviting all our neighbors in Lakewood Northeast and Lakewood Heights to get together Tuesday evening, August 4, as our neighborhoods participate in National Night Out. Come and bring the family.

We will meet at 4533 Purnell Drive at 7:00 PM for a group walk through our neighborhood. After the walk, around 7:30 PM, we will have ice cream on the front lawn at that same address. This is the home of Kevin and Julie Nichols. If you want to come for ice cream only, that’s fine.

Ice Cream will be provided by Northeast Lakewood Associated Neighborhoods. Everyone is asked to bring a lawn chair to the ice cream social. We have asked permission to close Purnell Drive to traffic. Therefore, we ask that you walk and not drive to the get-together. We will provide a ride to anyone who needs assistance getting to the ice cream social.

This will be a great opportunity to get better acquainted. Hope to see you there.
Charlie Knott, Kevin Nichols, Judy McDowall, and Wanda Smith
Officers of your neighborhood association