Thursday, July 30, 2009


Northeast Lakewood Associated Neighborhoods
August 3, 2009

Welcome to guests and first-time attendees—Charlie Knott

Approval of May 4, 2009, meeting minutes—Judy McDowall

Treasurer’s Report—Charlie Knott

Neighborhood Crime Report—NLR Police Officer Brandon Davidson

Electronic Changeable Message Signs—Alderman Murry Witcher

Parking Districts and Regulations—Alderman Charlie Hight

Update on past petition for LRID to include certain Lakewood Northeast properties—Ken Sullivan

Island on Oak Tree Circle—NLAN initiative—Charlie Knott

Unified Coalition of Associated Neighborhoods July 6 meeting—Kevin Nichols

Bucket List—Charlie Knott

National Night Out—Neighborhood Get-together—Charlie Knott

What’s on your mind?


Monday, July 27, 2009

Local Events

keep up with all the events in North Little Rock. Click on WWW.NORTHLITTLEROCK.TRAVEL for more information.

Some of the events listed are:

August 6: Keith Urban “Escape Together World Tour” with special guest Sugarland at the Verizon Arena for 7:30p.m. Ticket prices: $76.75 - $20.
Tickets available through Ticketmaster locations, charge
by phone 1-800-745-3000, or

August 7: Methodist Family Health’s 3rd Annual Walk for Children & Families begins at 6p.m. at Cook’s Landing in NLR. Cost: $20 individual, $50 families. Register at or call Maggie Beeler at 501-661-0720 Ext. 7299 for details.

August 7 - 14: The National 12s Tennis Tournament at the Burns Park Tennis Center. For details call 501‑791-8585.

August 7 - 28: The Carousel Argenta Walking Club meets each Friday from 6:30p.m. - 7:30p.m. at the Carousel Fit4 Life Wellness Center. Health and Fitness training tips provided. For more info call 501-563-0861.

August 7 - 10: The AR Travelers VS AR Naturals at Dickey-Stephens Park. The Friday, Saturday and Monday games begin at 7:10p.m., Sunday game for 6p.m. Tickets and more information at or call 501-664-1555.

August 8: The 18th Annual Dixie Day Celebration at Conley Park in the Dixie addition of NLR. Health Screenings, Career Planning plus a community parade and lots of food and activities FREE! For details call Doris Allen at 501-280-4953.

August 8: Shriner’s Fishing Tournament at the North River Landing in downtown NLR. For details call Vince Miller at 501-834-5733.

August 10 - 13: Learn-to-Row Clinics at the AR Boathouse Club Boathouse from 6 -9 p.m. Fordetails visit

August 14: NLR Community Band Concert Series at the Lakewood Village canopy for 7p.m. FREE Concert, bring your blankets and lawn chairs. For details visit

August 15: The Pulaski County Learning Center Benefit walk from 6 - 8p.m. beginning on the NLR side of the Big Dam Bridge. Early registration fees are: $25 individuals, $45 family, $15 youth, $500 teams. For details call Jamie at 501-247-3150 or visit

August 19: The Toltec Chapter of the AR Archeological Society meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6:30p.m. - 8p.m. at the John Gould Fletch Library in LR. The August lecture will be by Jim Rees, “What It Means To Dwell In Beulah Land: What Camp Meetings Can Tell Us About Ancient Ceremonial Centers & Sacred Spaces”. Call 501-961-2420 for details.

August 19 - 21: AR Travelers VS Corpus Christi Hooks at Dickey-Stephens Park for 7:10p.m. Fortickets or more information call 501-664-1555,visit

The Argenta Market Make-A-Wish Event held Saturday, August 2

The Argenta Market will host a benefit for the local Make-A-Wish chapter. Join friends, neighbors and other locavores at the Argenta Market for a night of local chefs, preparing local foods making local wishes come true. The dinner will feature local chefs Jason Knapp from the governors mansion, Shane Henderson from the Argenta Market, Brian Deloney of Maddie's Place, and Jason Godwin from Simply The Best Catering.

The chefs will incorporate local products from the farmers market into their dishes. Be sure and take notes as the chefs explain how the bounty came from the farm to your plate.

The benefit will be held on Sunday August 2nd 6:30 pm in the Argenta Market at 6th & Main Streets, $75 a ticket includes a five course meal, local wine from Chateau Aux Arc, and Diamond Bear beer. Please call (501) 376-9474 for information and reservations.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alert:Increase in residential burglaries in the Parkhill/Lakewood Area please report any suspicious activity

We have experienced several residential burglaries in the Parkhill and Lakewood areas in recent weeks. Suspect information is very limited; however, information developed is that the suspect or suspects will first knock on the front or side door and if no one answers they will gain entry to the residence by either breaking out a back window or kicking open the rear door. Please keep a watchful eye out and contact us if you see anything suspicious at 758-1234. Items being taken are flat screen TV's, jewelry, and other electronics. Please contact your neighbors and let them know of this information. If it is an emergency contact 911. If not an emergency call 758-1234 to report any suspicious activity. Remember TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Neighborhood News

Working Together to Make Our Neighborhood Better
Vol. 2 – No. 3 July, 2009


We are inviting all our neighbors in Lakewood Northeast and Lakewood Heights to get together Tuesday evening, August 4, as our neighborhoods participate in National Night Out. Come and bring the family.

We will meet at 4533 Purnell Drive at 7:00 PM for a walk through our neighborhood. After the walk, around 7:30 PM, we will have ice cream on the front lawn at that same address. This is the home of Kevin and Julie Nichols. If you want to come for ice cream only, that’s fine.

Ice Cream will be provided by Northeast Lakewood Associated Neighborhoods. Everyone is asked to bring a lawn chair to the ice cream social. We have asked permission to close Purnell Drive to traffic. Therefore, we ask that you walk and not drive to the get-together. We will provide a ride to anyone who needs assistance getting to the ice cream social.

If you can come, please send an email to or call Charlie at 554-0425.

This will be a great opportunity to get better acquainted. Come join us.

National Night Out
Two purposes of National Night Out are to 1) strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships and 2) heighten crime and drug prevention awareness.

By Presley Melton

Presley and Jo Melton, two active members of our neighborhood association, submitted the following article. NLAN officers invited them to submit an article because they are knowledgeable about this issue and how the signs may impact our community.

North Little Rock citizens have an opportunity to get involved and speak out about an issue that may adversely affect the appearance of our neighborhood and city, and may affect driver safety.

New technology has brought a new type of sign – the electronic message board sign. You may have already seen these at a few businesses and churches in North Little Rock, such as a travel agency in Park Hill on JFK between A and B streets and First Pentecostal Church on I-40. This type of sign is extremely bright, has vivid colors, and the message and background colors can change every few seconds. Many people across America have found them to be offensive to the eye and are concerned about the effect the changing messages have on traffic safety. Numerous cities from California to Maine and from Washington to Florida have already severely restricted or enacted total bans on these signs. Conway successfully enacted a total ban some years ago. I have recently visited Colorado Springs; Scottsdale, AZ; and some Florida cities that have also banned these signs. All those cities are growing and thriving since choosing to not allow electronic signs, and NLR would benefit by doing the same.

At the April 27th city council meeting the aldermen passed a four-month moratorium on installing these bright electronic message board signs. This moratorium gives us all time to learn more about these signs that draw our attention with intensely colored scenes and messages that totally change within seconds. The moratorium expires on August 31st, and if new legislation limiting these signs is not passed prior to that time, more of them will start appearing in our city.

At this time there is no regulation to protect our residential neighborhoods from these easily programmed signs being placed at nearby commercial businesses, churches, and schools.

If you oppose these bright, electronic message board signs in North Little Rock, please contact our aldermen and ask them to adopt strict laws regulating or totally banning electronic message board signs. We can make those other cities’ success stories our own, as we promote our attractive city to new homeowners, businesses, and tourists.

Contact Information for Aldermen
Charlie Hight 758-8396
Murry Witcher 835-0009

Our Next Association Meeting
Monday, August 3 at 7:00 PM
Lakewood Property Owners Association office building

Come at 6:30 to meet and visit with neighbors
Bring a neighbor

• Alderman Murry Witcher will tell us the status of pending legislation on electronic changeable message board signs.
• Alderman Charlie Hight will give us an update on parking regulations that will affect our neighborhood.
• Ken Sullivan, Director of LPOA, will update us on the issue of 62 properties on Valley Brook, McKee Circle, and Oak Tree Circle and whether a petition was filed in court to include the properties in the Lakewood Recreational Improvement District.
• Police Officer Brandon Davidson will give a crime report


The Lakewood Recreational Improvement District has completed its application to become a “Restricted Parking District” which, when approved, will give them authority to implement certain parking regulations for our neighborhood. The commissioners for LRID signed the application at their July 13 meeting. When submitted, the City Clerk must give public notice, and then it must be heard at a City Council meeting.

As stated in our April newsletter the Commission had voted on April 13 to adopt new regulations as described below.

• Parking in front or side yards. It shall be unlawful for any person to park, store, or keep any vehicle on a front or side yard unless the vehicle is parked, stored, or kept within a carport, garage, or upon a proper parking surface, that connects to the street or roadway.

• Parking commercial or large recreational vehicles. It shall be unlawful for any person to park, store, or keep any commercial or large recreational vehicle (taller than 8 feet or longer than 25 feet) on any front, side yard, or street within the district.

LRID included in their application a request that owners of large recreational vehicles be allowed to park in the street for up to 48 hours when loading for trips and unloading after trips. Previously existing regulations allowed 72 hours, but the new regulations did not include a provision of any time for this purpose.


Neighborhood website
Check out our website for some information we have not had previously.

Newsletter--We will post the newsletter. You will be able to see it a little sooner than by mail and may be able to see it when you are away from home.
Agenda for upcoming association meetings—Since the agenda is not included in the mailed newsletter, you will be able to check it out online before the meeting.
Minutes of association meetings—“Draft” minutes of the previous meeting will be posted on the website to allow time for review before the next meeting.

If you would like to be included in email communication, please submit your email address to Wanda Smith at When we send emails, we do not show individuals’ email addresses. If you have an item you want to communicate to our neighborhood by email, please call or email Charlie Knott. 554-0425 -- .

Please call or email Charlie with any feedback on our newsletter.

Having Way Too Much Fun
Since Nate Brandes finished his term as President of NLAN, he and Judy have made several trips in their RV with friends in the “Ark-A-Bago” camping club, including Hot Springs, Natchez, and Maumelle Park. Nate said he has been Social Director for the past two years, setting up camp activities—I think he’s the Party Guy. In March they joined another camping club called the “Arkansas Travelers Club” and went to Cotter with them. They just got back from Branson and have trips planned for Petit Jean, Bull Shoals, Lake Charles, Eureka Springs, Hot Springs, and Branson again.
This all started in 1969 when Nate and Judy spent their honeymoon in a 9’x12’ tent on the shores of Lake Superior. He didn’t tell me any more about the honeymoon. They have been camping ever since and love taking their grandchildren, when they can.
When he left office he assured me the job of president didn’t take much time. I still think about that when I’m on the computer, working on a newsletter, and call him only to find he’s not home—again. To make it worse he likes to tell me how much fun he’s having. Seriously, we appreciate all Nate and Judy have done and hope they have a great time.


Charlie Knott 554-0425

Kevin Nichols 258-0246

Judy McDowall 758-1668

Wanda Smith 791-0717

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NLR Council Agenda July 27, 2009 @ 7:00 p.m.

Please clink on the link below or copy and paste into your browser --

Minutes of May Meeting

NLAN Meeting Minutes May 4, 2009
Regular Meeting 7-8 p.m.
Crestwood Elementary School Cafeteria

The following are draft minutes and must be approved at our August 3 meeting before they can be considered final. If you have any questions or comments, please send email to

1. Welcome: (Charlie Knott)
The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. The agenda was previewed.

2. Approval of Minutes of March 16, 2009 Meeting (Judy McDowall)
Minutes of the March 16, 2009 meeting were approved (motion by Presley Melton, second by Lynda Etheridge). Charlie Knott asked if anyone would object if the draft minutes were posted on the website. No objection was raised..

3. Treasurer's Report (Wanda Smith)
The bank balance is $232.72. There were no receipts or expenditures since the last meeting. The treasurer's report was accepted (motion by Faye Kirkwood, second by Buzz Smith).

4. Neighborhood Crime Report (NLR Police Officer Brandon Davidson)
Officer Davidson reviewed the highlights of the written crime statistics summary for February and March 2009 and responded to residents’ questions.

5. Transition of Officers (Charlie Knott)
Charlie Knott summarized some of the activities of the officers that related to assumption of responsibility. Specifically, the bank account signature authority has been changed; the first officer’s meeting took place; the first newsletter was produced and distributed. The President attended two city council meetings and the Vice President, Kevin Nichols, attended one city council meeting.

6. Bylaws – Adoption and Proposed Change to Article V, Nominations and Election of Officers of the Association (Charlie Knott)
Officer's recommend continuing with existing bylaws (motion Lynda, Presley, second) Passed.

Charlie Knott proposed a change to Article V of the bylaws on “NOMINATION AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS OF THE ASSOCIATION”. The purpose of the change was to have the election earlier and to allow transition time for the new officers before assuming responsibility. There was a recommendation from the floor that the officers assume responsibility at the beginning of the new calendar year rather than at the first meeting of the new year, as proposed. Move to accept with the changes. Robert Lumpp, motion. Bruce Dantzler, second. Article V, as approved, is attached.

7. Electronic Changeable Copy Signs
This is a controversial issue. As of the April 27 City Council meeting a moratorium on issuance of permits for changeable copy signs is in effect through the end of August 2009. Our aldermen, Murry Witcher and Charlie Hight, explained their positions on changeable copy signs. Murry expressed the opinion that electronic changeable copy signs need to be managed to protect residential areas and to prevent a hazard to driving. Charlie said he is against reducing the frequency of change to 5 seconds and favors legislating brightness. He expressed the opinion that there is a right place and a wrong place for location of electronic changeable copy signs. He indicated that he finds such signs useful and attractive.
One questioner asked Charlie his position on electronic changeable copy signs for churches in residential areas. Charlie said that he does not believe that electronic changeable copy signs should be in residential areas. Both of our alderman said that they did not want to see electronic changeable copy signs in neighborhoods.

Other questions / comments (and responses if any) included the following:
• when a draft sign ordinance would be available (on or before end of July - intent is to give public opportunity to provide feedback),
• how a neighborhood can have the protection that Argenta has (Argenta is a historic district),
• whether changeable copy referred to words or pictures,
• whether motion had been taken into consideration,
• whether the possibility that audio capability could be added had been considered, and
• whether there would be limitations on height and width (there is interest in changing billboards to electronic changeable copy signs).
Charlie Knott asked if those present would be in favor of electronic changeable copy signs if limited to commercial areas. There was no consensus on this. However, there was consensus against these signs in a residential neighborhood. The sign ordinance is on the city website.

8. Parking Districts and Parking Regulations
Lakewood Recreational Improvement District (LRID) has said it intends to apply for approval as a parking district. If / when approval occurs the parking rules adopted by the LRID will apply to our neighborhood. LRID has not yet submitted their application. Charlie Knott read the proposed rules. The intent of the regulations is: (1) no parking of vehicles in front or side yards off of a paved surface, (2) no commercial or large RV parking on any front or side yard or in the street. Charlie Hight explained the reasons for parking districts and legislation. There was discussion about the amount of time that RVs can be parked in the street when owners are preparing for trips or returning from trips.

9. Comments on Stimulus Monies (Murry Witcher)
As of today North Little Rock has been granted $4,679,249 of stimulus funds. Several projects have received funding. Areas mentioned included community development block grants, rehabilitation, ten new police officers for 3 years, rental subsidies, upgrading housing facilities, an electric department grant, transportation infrastructure (mostly being used in Baring Cross area). The website to go to for more information is

10. Unified Coalition of Associated Neighborhoods April 6, 2009 Meeting Report (Judy McDowall)
Judy represented NLAN at the Unified Coalition meeting. The meeting is attended by representatives of the various neighborhood associations in North Little Rock. It provides a venue for communication. Each neighborhood had activities to report on and events to announce. This is an interesting group of really committed people and a worthwhile meeting.

11. Bucket List (Charlie Knott)
Charlie Knott reported the status of open items from the March 16 meeting.
 meeting frequency: officers decided to stay with meeting every 3 months
 newsletter: will be published between meetings; every 6 weeks approximately
 website: want to encourage use; will post meeting agenda, draft minutes of this meeting, newsletter
 properties that petitioned to be in the LRID: filing has not been located and may not have been filed; still looking into that; awaiting resolution and decision on action to be taken with respect to these property owners
 5 mile creek: contacted Terry Paff; FEMA study may be proceeding faster than expected; Charlie and Terry Paff agreed to communicate regularly on this issue.
 Central Baptist Church gate: Charlie met associate pastor who is responsible; good discussion; requirement in PUD; CBC said they would follow requirement.

12. What's On Your Mind (Charlie Knott)?
 City wide clean up: was it rained out and is there a rain date? We will look into that. Charlie stated that he will look for future opportunities for our association to get involved in such activities.
 Kevin Nichols asked how can we get a left turn signal on Fairway and McCain? Charlie Hight said he would check on this.
 Is anyone keeping in touch with what's happening at McCain Mall? Concern about losing good business there. Action. Charlie Knott said he would see if he could find more information. Potholes in parking lot were fixed.
 Neighbor on Burrow has quite a few large parties with guests parking on both sides of the street. Is there anything that can be done? Police say they can't enforce no parking without a sign.
 There was a suggestion that we get an off-hours contact number for Central Baptist Church. Charlie said he would request a number.

13. Next Meeting: August 3, 2009
The next meeting will be August 3, 2009.

14. Adjourn:
The meeting was adjourned at 9:52pm.

See attachment on next page.


Proposed Change in Bylaws
May 5, 2009

Article V

Change to read as follows.


1. The officers of the Association shall be elected by a majority of the voting members present at the meeting in which elections are held.

2. All officers shall serve a term of two years and shall serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

3. At the next to last regularly scheduled meeting in the year in which officers’ terms are to end, the President will announce an election of officers to be held at the last regularly scheduled meeting on the year. The President may appoint a nominating committee to identify potential officers, if he chooses to do so.

4. At the last regularly scheduled meeting of that year the election of officers will be held. Nominations for office will be announced. Nominations will also be open from the floor. Any nomination from the floor must receive a “second” from the floor to qualify a candidate for election to office. As a practical measure, most votes will be taken by a show of hands or a voice vote. However, at the discretion of the President, a written ballot may be taken on any issue before the membership.

5. Immediately after their election new officers will begin working with outgoing officers to insure a smooth transition of responsibilities. The new officers will assume responsibility for the Association at the beginning of the new calendar year.

6. A vacancy in any office shall be filled by appointment by the remaining officers, and the appointee will hold office for the unexpired term. However, if the President’s office is vacant, the Vice President will fill the remaining term of the President and the Board of Officers will appoint a new Vice President.

7. Only one member of a household may hold office for any given term of office.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

North Little Rock NEEDS Firefighters

Now Accepting Applications For:
Salary $28,303.05 yearly or $2,358.59 a month
A written examination to create an eligibility list is scheduled for
Saturday, August 29, 2009 at the NLR Police/Fire Training, 2400 Willow Street, North Little Rock, Arkansas, beginning at 8:30 a.m.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NLR Planning Commission - July 14

Subdivision Administrative:

A. NS-2147-09 Northshore Business Park, Lots 4A-16A, Block 9 (revised preliminary plat of as commercial and industrial subdivision located at Crystal Hill and Northshore Drive)
B. SPR-2148-09 City Grove Townhomes, Block 1-3 (revised site plan review and preliminary plat of townhomes located at 4th and Maple)

Public Hearing – New Business:
1. Special Use # 674. To allow a liquor store in a C-3 zone. The request is located at 11100 Hwy 165 Suite #3.
2. Rezone #1489. To rezone the existing R-4 and C-4 classifications to the proposed I-1 classification to allow warehousing. The request is located at 3113 East Washington Ave.
3. Rezone #1490. To rezone the existing TND classification to the proposed R-4 classification to allow apartments. The request is located southwest of the intersection of 7th and Division Streets and along River Road.
4. Rezone #1491. To rezone the existing R-4 and C-3 classification to the proposed R-3 classification to allow duplexes. The request is located at the southeast corner of Mission and Remount Roads.