Thursday, August 28, 2008

November's NLR Electoral Table is Set

With the candidate filing deadline date having been reached last Tuesday, noon the NLR Electoral Table is now set. Below is a complete list of candidates filing for the position of the Mayor's chair as well as the four City Council Alderman chairs up for election in November. We of NLAN recognize that when sensitive issues affecting our quality of life are introduced and read before our NLR City Council it is extremely important to us who is sitting in all nine chairs of the Council! This concern presents itself both when we monitor someone else's legislation and when we are introducing our own. While there may now be four established geographical ward boundaries in place that serve to separate we citizens from one another (each being represented in Council by their very own two elected Aldermen) today we must acknowledge that we are indeed all in this together, that there should be no boundaries restricting our relationships with fellow citizens in Wards 1, 2, and 3. Thus those elected to serve as representatives in those three wards are as important to us as is our very own Ward 4 elected representatives. Although we can not directly affect the elections in Wards 1, 2, and 3 via our vote NLAN Members can still take a keen interest in their candidates and offer non-voter support wherever and whenever we deem it to be appropriate. Below are all candidates listed alphabetically within position, with incumbents in bold print:
James Ard, Patrick Hays, Bill Layman, Bubba Lloyd, Michelle McLelland
Neil Bryant, Beth White
Rev. Lamont Dotson, Tom Jones, Scott Miller, Maurice Taylor
James Ard, Sam Baggett, Steve Baxter, Bruce Foutch, John Parker
ALDERMAN - WARD 4 (This is NLAN's Ward)
Charlie Hight
This coming November 4th cast an informed vote for your candidates. Its your choice, and your freedom to do so!

Monday, August 25, 2008

NLR Planning Commission September 9

Agenda Meeting / Public Hearing 4:45 PM
Agenda Meeting: Roll Call
Approval of Minutes: August 12, 2008
Subdivision Administrative:
1. Rep-2125-08 Strauss Acres, Tract B of Lot 2 (Replat and Site Plan Review of a Little Caesar’s in the 4100 blk of Hwy 70)
2. NS-2126-08 Springhill Development, Lot 3, Block 3 (Preliminary Plat and Site Plan Review for offices at Richards Road and ABF Road)
3. SPR-1986-07 Vestal Commercial Addition, Lot 4BR (12 month extension of a Replat and Site Plan Review for a retail center on the north side of Maumelle Blvd and in the 7600 block)
Public Hearing – Old Business:
1. Rezone #1463. To rezone property from the existing C-1 zone to the proposed R-2 zone to recognize an existing residence. The location is 214 West 22nd Street.

Public Hearing – New Business:

2. Special Use #652. To allow 2 storage containers behind Cracker Barrel in a C-5 zone. The location is 3101 Springhill Drive
3. Conditional Use # 47. To allow office/warehouse with overhead doors in a C-3 zone. The location is the south end of Riverview Corporate Drive.
4. Special Use #654. To allow a temporary parking lot in a C-6 zone. The location is at 200 East Broadway.
5. Rezone #1467. To rezone property from the existing R-2 zone to the proposed C-1 zone to allow a restaurant. The location is 26801 JFK.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Band is Back - Friday Evening

"They're back!" Yes this coming Friday evening August 22nd at 7:00 PM, under the Lakewood Village outdoor canopy our very own North Little Rock Concert Band returns to entertain us with live music for the final time this year! We had the pleasure of listening to their fine music on the Village patio last July 25th as well as the pleasure of talking with some of their fans all the way from Cabot as well as from NLAN. It's a joy to be able to enjoy this fine art and they're willing to bring it to us right in our own backyard! So bring lawn chairs, blankets and something cool to drink and come on out to the Village to meet and talk with your fellow music lovers from NLAN as well as our fellow neighbors from all over Central Arkansas! It's a treat you don't want to miss!!! Pray that "Fickle Fay" stays stalled for a bit longer and tomorrow evening we can enjoy dry weather with 'music in the summer air'!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oak Tree Circle Pod

Our little island pod on Oak Tree Circle is looking much better now that it has received a little TLC from our NLR City Street Department. Thanks to Pat Lane and his crew for coming out and hitting a good lick on this NLAN property. Your timing was terrific in that all this wonderful cool rain came immediately after your maintenance work order was performed and everything is looking much fresher and greener! Again, thanks for taking care of us!

NLR Electric Energy Audit

Recently, Mr. Keith McCourt from the North Little Rock Electric Department came to our home to perform an energy audit. We were extremely pleased with his detailed inspection, recommendations, and "tips" to help us save on our energy bills. We believe an energy audit, which is a free service, would be of benefit to all our NLAN neighbors.

If you are interested in scheduling this FREE energy audit for your home, you should call 975-8769 at the North Little Rock Electric Department.

Lynda and Herb Etheridge

NLR Peddler's ID Card Up-Date

At our NLAN meeting last evening we had Mr. Jerry Reagan, Director of Fiscal Control for the City of North Little Rock, talking on the official NLR Licensed Peddler's ID Card. Attending our meeting by invitation was Eric Francis of the Argenta News Blog. Being the former editor of "The NLR Times" has in part equipped Eric to draw on his vast journalistic background when reporting a story and he has done an excellent job in presenting the facts on what took place in our meeting regarding this subject. By permission we are encouraging you to go to the Argenta News Blog (it's site link is listed to the right on our blog) and read his fine detailed report. Thank you, Eric!

North Little Rock City Council Agenda - Monday, August 25, 2008

North Little Rock City Council Meeting - Monday, August 11, 2008

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our NLAN Meeting Agenda is now set for this coming Monday, August 18th. Meeting location is listed in the "Meeting Date" box to the right on the blog. Don't forget the 'Greet & Meet' at 6:30 PM with the meeting starting at 7:00 PM. Cooled bottled water and coffee will be made available. Hope to see everyone there!

Nate Brandes
NLAN President

1. Welcome and introduction of NLAN Officers & guests.
2. Approval of Minutes – May 5, 2008 NLAN Meeting - Faye Kirkwood
3. NLAN Treasurer’s Report - Lynda Etheridge
4. NLR Grid Crime & Safety Reports - Sergeant Jim Bona & Officer Brandon Davidson
5. Code Enforcement Report - Officer Russ Elrod
6. NLR Licensed Peddler’s ID Card Review - Jerry Reagan, Director of Fiscal Control
7. Metropolitan’s Five Mile Creek Development Status Report - Alderman Charlie Hight
8. Proposed NLR Neighborhood Selective Street Parking Ordinance - Alderman Hight
9. CERT Training Class – Hosted By Levy Improvement Movement.
10. Oak Tree Circle’s Island Pod Up-Date.
11. NLAN Identification Badges.
12. NLAN Street Captains & Lieutenants Program Development.
13. Formation of NLAN’s Nominating Committee for November Meeting Slate.
14. What’s On Your Mind?
a. Possible NLAN Political Town Hall Meeting - October
b. Other thoughts!
15. Next NLAN Meeting Schedule: Monday November 3rd Location to be announced.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

E.T. Lost

All Points Bulletin: "ET" Come Home! I'm looking for a little green man and you can relax, the Martians have not landed! Last Tuesday evening PaPa forgot to take him back home off the street after helping to control traffic for the grandkids and neighborhood children to safely play outdoors, giving Grandma and mother a break! Hey, when does school start?! By next morning someone had helped him to 'escape'!

Now "ET" stands 32 inches tall, has light green plastic skin, with the words "SLOW" painted in black on each side. Last seen he was wearing a bright red ball cap and may be holding an orange bicycle pendant in his hands. Written on his front leg are the faded words "Cherry", Fairlane Drive, Round Lake Park, Illinois. That was "ET's" former home and PaPa did not update his ID when he moved to NLAN. PaPa will learn!

All the kids miss "ET" and want him back home. There's a reward for his return! If you happen to see him wandering around out there looking like he's lost, please call 758-0228. Thanks!

Nate Brandes

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lock your car!

Trouble again on Valley Brook. Several unlocked cars in the area have been opened. Although it is thought to be kids, it is best to take out any valuables and lock it. Contents of these unlocked cars are thrown out into the street or yards while these angels rummage around looking for items of worth.

So -- clean out your car if it is to be left out in the street -- and then lock it!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Argenta ArtWalk, Friday August 15,2008

McLelland Announces For Mayor

Michelle McLelland announced her candidacy on August 4th for community-based public service as Mayor of North Little Rock. NLR is where she grew up, went to school, attended church, married, and where her children attend public schools today. She wants to be known as YOUR Mayor, the Peoples’ Mayor.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

National Lights Out had Lights and Sirens

This picture was taken Tuesday evening at the start of NLAN's celebration for the 25th Anniversary of National Night Out. We chose to both honor and participate in this "Police-Community Partnerships" Program by conducting a Parade Drive-By with our NLR Police Officers from the Lakewood Village Sub-Station.

Please look past Judy & Nate, the smiling couple up front, and focus on the real stars of the parade to the left, our very own NLR Police Officers, Officer Brandon Davidson and his Sergeant, Jim Bona. We started on Oak Tree Circle and drove every street in NLAN, finishing up with Lakewood Drive. As we drove by It was very encouraging to see NLANders out on their front porches and lawns, many with small children, waving to the officers and saying "hi" and "thank you" as they came down the streets. Yes there were smiles on both sides of the two badges this evening and it was wonderful to see everyone confirming the idea that it takes a true partnership to address and fight crime & drugs in our neighborhoods. This was the idea 25 years ago and you know, it still is alive and well today!

Thanks again to Lieutenant Tom Latina of the NLR Police Department's Lakewood Village Sub-Station, and our two NLAN liaison police officers, Sergeant Bona & Officer Davidson. You made it happen Tuesday evening - together let's keep the partnership going year-round!

Nate Brandes
NLAN President

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NLR City Council Meeting - Monday, August 11, 2008

North Little Rock City Council Meeting - Monday, August 11, 2008

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Police parade - Tuesday nite!

The 25th Annual National Night Out, a unique crime and drug prevention event, has been scheduled for this Tuesday, August 5th. The objective for this USA-wide program is to strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships. NLAN has chosen to participate in National Night Out and we want to send a message to criminals letting them know that we are organized and fighting back! Our plan to do so is simple and we hope effective, too! We are counting on your participation to make this event successful!
First, we ask that you turn on your porch lights no later than 7:00 PM. We know, we know, the sun is still up! By having your porch lights on will demonstrate that you are committed to fighting crime and drug prevention in partnership with our NLR Police Department's Officers. Send the message of solidarity and support - light up your home early the evening of the 5th!
Second, we want to let you know that we will have a NLR Police "Officer On Parade" event planned for this evening of August 5th. Beginning at 7:00 PM we will have police officers in patrol cars conducting a parade drive through the NLAN neighborhood, starting with Oak Tree Circle and ending with Lakewood Drive. Upon hearing their sirens announcing their arrival on your street we ask you to step outside to greet them with a big smile and huge wave, thanking them for their commitment to protect and to serve us every day of the year! If you like; this act can be considered as a front porch vigil or you can move down to the curb to extend an 'up front and personal' thank you!
Please join in as we celebrate this national event with some 'down-home' personal warmth. It's a 'blue light' special you really can't afford to miss! Let's light up the neighborhood to greet our most valued partners in preventing crime and drugs on our very own streets. Hope to see you on those same streets next Tuesday evening. Thank you!