Saturday, March 28, 2009

A great tip!

Attempted Robbery on North Hughes, Little Rock -- a narrative from a property owner
As he crossed Evergreen heading north on North Hughes, he saw a Papa Johns delivery vehicle (red Ford Mustang) parked in front of one of our neighbor’s house, and the delivery person was talking to our neighbor. He then spotted some VERY suspicious behavior, in that, both the neighbor and delivery person stopped talking and they were both observing the suspects heading directly for them in a quick, suspicious, and deliberate manner.
He stopped his vehicle and rolled down his window, preparing to ask what they were doing. They saw that he had stopped and the white male tugged on the black male’s coat (an “abort” signal in robbery attempts) and they immediately turned 180 degrees and jogged back to their car sitting a couple of doors down. They recklessly backed up and turned around and fled the scene at a high rate of speed.
He chased them through the neighborhood until they got to Mississippi, and they headed south. They were driving over 70 MPH on Mississippi and by the time he got to Evergreen, he had their license plate and description confirmed as he was talking to the ASP on his scanner and LRPD on his On-Star. He had to break off contact, since he was not a federal agent and returned to our neighbor’s house to check on them.
Back at 1300 block of N. Hughes, he was awaiting LRPD (response time 11-13 mins from event) to show, when the Papa John’s driver confirmed to me, along with our neighbor, that they DID NOT order a pizza, and the delivery person stated “he knew he was about to be robbed”. This is a typical MO (modus operandi) of robberies lately, in that the armed robbers will call in a real address, with a fake intent, and would rob the pizza delivery person (and possibly the homeowner).
He thought he would let you know that you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for people not belonging to our neighborhood, especially when they are acting suspiciously, even during the “busy” parts of the day. ALWAYS call the police as soon as you see something suspicious, however slight. During this ongoing recession, crime may increase and it is up to us to look out for our neighbors and neighborhood. YOU are your first line of defense until the police show up, and sadly, the pizza deliver kid’s manager showed up before the police did by 6-7 minutes! He was NOT kidding!
Remember -- any suspicious behavior -- any stranger that hangs around the neighborhood -- WE ARE THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Neighborhood Services Moved

Neighborhood Services has “left the building” for their new home on Magnolia Street in Park Hill. Their new phone number is 501-791-8500, fax number is 501-791-8516. Go by and wish them well. Heck, take them some cookies and welcome them to their new location!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

City Council Meeting - Monday, March 23

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New Officers

On March 16th, the Northeast Lakewood Associated Neighborhoods elected four new officers to take office effective immediately:
President: Charlie Knott - 4504 Purnell Drive - 753-3368
Vice President: Kevin Nichols - 4533 Purnell Drive - 771-4409
Secretary: Judy McDowall - 4501 Austin Drive - 758-1668
Treasurer: Wanda Smith - 5307 Fairway Avenue - 791-0717

Our new NLAN Officers are committed to serving their neighborhood while maintaining the excellent communications that have been established with our North Little Rock Mayor and his key city department heads, the NLR City Council Representatives, the NLR Community Planning Department and Commission and our fellow NLR Neighborhood Associations and Groups. We thank you for your continuing support of NLAN for without your expressed interest via speaking up as well as attending our meetings we would have no cause to exist as a neighborhood association!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Upcoming meeting --

This week Lakewood Elementary School on Fairway Blvd. is celebrating another family gathering called "Grandparents Day" wherein they invite all grandparents to come and have lunch with their enrolled grandchildren. Today I had the privilege of dining with Sam, our 1st Grade grandchild as we downed a very good hamburger, fries, salad and fruit cup. It was a total surprise when Mayor Hays, while attending for his grandchild, Samantha, stepped over to our table and after exchanging greetings immediately asked: "Have you found anyone, yet?"

Having attended our last NLAN Meeting in February where we hit a wall in seeking new Officers to step forward to serve, Mayor Hays had knowledge of our vacancy and with his question showed true interest in how we were coming along. I was happy to inform him that we were still alive and had a full slate of officers to present to the NLAN voters next Monday evening, March 16th.

I encourage all NLANders to attend this meeting to show support for our new Officers as we continue to go forth with the goal of enhancing the quality of life in and for our Northeast Lakewood Neighborhoods Association. Oh and by the way, thank you Mayor Hays for asking about NLAN - your spontaneous question was very appreciated!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bat alert

We just learned that a bat located in the Park Hill neighborhood area has been checked by a veterinarian and found to be carrying rabies. Another bat located somewhere between Indian Hills and Sherwood is currently being checked for rabies, and findings will be confirmed on Tuesday. Because of its base profile it is believed it will test positive for rabies, too! Please make sure your pets are vaccinated for rabies, especially any small dogs and cats that may be left outdoors after dark! And if you enjoy taking an evening walk or run through the neighborhood, be alert! We have seen bat activity around our street lights, which attract flying insects that bats love to eat! The recent 70+ degree weather may have brought them out to eat, and we have more warmer weather coming later this week!