Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NLR Planning Commission December 9

Subdivision Administrative:
1. SPR-2135-08 Enderlin Subdivision, Lot 5 (Site Plan Review of office/warehouse located at 10503 Maumelle Blvd)
2. Rep-2136-08 US Fuel Addition, Lot 1, (Replat and Site Plan Review of a convenience store located at 623 N. Cypress)
3. NS-2137-08 Burkhalter Apartments, Lot 1 (Preliminary plat review and Site Plan review of apartments at Paul Eells Drive and Counts Massie)
4. NS-2138-08 Cougill Addition, Lot 1 (Preliminary plat review and Site Plan review of outdoor storage of roofing materials at Dewafflebaker and Riverview Corporate Drive)
Public Hearing – Old Business:
1. Special Use #660. To allow a sexually oriented business in a C-3 zone. The location is at 6615 Highway 70. Third time on agenda.
2. Special Use #661. To allow a transitional home for 8 male parolees in a C-3 zone. The location is at 1721 Maple Street. Third time on agenda.
3. Rezone #1468. To rezone property from C-3 to R-1 to allow a house, and to amend the land use plan. The location is at 126 High Drive. Second time on agenda.
Public Hearing – New Business:
4. Special Use #666. To allow a daycare center in an R-3 zone. The location is at 924 East 14th.
5. Special Use #667. To allow an auto service and transmission center in a C-1 zone. The location is at 5308 JFK Blvd.
6. Rezoning #1470. To rezone property from C-4 to R-4 to allow apartments and to amend the land use plan. The location NE of the intersection of Counts Massie and Paul Eells Drive.
7. Public Hearing #1471. Amend the land use plan in the Counts Massie / Paul Eells Drive.
8. Public Hearing #1472. Amendments to the zoning ordinance. To be also heard at the Jan. and Feb. 2009 Planning Commission meetings.
Public Comment / Adjournment: Your browser may not support display of this image.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A True Seasonal Blessing - Shop With A Cop!

This coming week we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day and pause to reflect on our many blessings we enjoy with family and close friends. One such blessing the whole City of North Little Rock enjoys is Police Officer Tommy Norman and his passion to give back to his City and its citizens in need. Tommy started the 'Shop With A Cop' program and it has grown every year. We invited Officer Norman to our NLAN Meeting of November 3rd to hear about details of this year's 'SWAC Program' and he offered the following pointers.

After completing a personal review of families to determine those children to be invited Officer Norman will conduct two shopping trips to Wal-Mart on December 7th and 14th with 25 children on each Sunday. Each child will be given an $150.00 Wal-Mart gift card to shop for family Christmas presents. A key to this program is that a NLR Cop will walk the isles with each child as they shop!

Thanks to the passion of Officer Norman there have been many donations received, with Wal-Mart giving $5,000 to the program! More donations are requested, and you can make one at any Twin City Bank Branch's 'Shop With A Cop' account. If you want to be part of the action and personally make a contribution they need gift wrappers to finish off the family gifts the children have chosen. For details Officer Norman can be reached on his personal cell phone at 366-4330 or e-mailed at

Tis' the Season to be Thankful, and we have NLR Police Officer Tommy Norman to thank for showing us one way to reach out and care for others in need with his 'Shop With A Cop Program'! Not only does it identify and address immediate personal needs but helps in building positive attitudes between children and police officers in blue for both the child's future and ours! Once again we thank you, Tommy, for your passion!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Drive-By Burglary - Vehicle's Window of Opportunity

Last Thursday evening between 7 and 7:30 PM a NLANder's locked truck parked on Oak Tree Circle in front of the house was broken into. The thieves stole a GPS system and radar detector. Unfortunately both items were visible and attached to the front windshield, in plain sight of anyone driving by looking for easy black market items for cash. These burglars were very bold, striking while most residents were still up and about with their house lights on - a sign that times are very hard, indeed! Once again we are reminded that easy marks like GPS, radar detectors and other valuables should be removed from the vehicle, or at least hidden out of sight whenever it is parked out in the open be it in our home driveway, on a neighborhood street as well as a commercial parking lot! We are being targeted at all times and at all locations. Providing them with visible confirmation of an enriched target vehicle is only asking to be violated! Be aware! Take steps to be safe!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There Be Leaves

They have just started to come and many more are on the way! Soon they will taking us over! No we are not talking about 'the body-snatcher pods' of Sic-Fi movie lore but simply our own beautiful leaves. Yes we will all be blowing and raking our 'summer shade' into plastic bags or to the curb for the ole' city vacuum snorkel crew. If you choose to bag your leaves they will be picked up weekly by the NLR yard debris crews scheduled for either Mondays or Tuesdays for NLAN.

If you are looking forward to the city's snout to pick up your leaves then timing is ultra important! No sense in bringing them early to the curb and then have the wind re-distribute them up and down the street to other properties. And if while waiting to be picked up they fall into the street gutter and block drainage then we have more problems! So call the Public Works Hot Line at 371-8355 and hit #3 on the phone menu for the current NLR leaf pick-up street area schedule. Please make sure your leaves are laying within six feet of the curb but out of the gutter, too!. Coordinating your leaves curb deposits with the scheduled vacuum crew for our area works out best for everyone. Thank you for your consideration and work efforts to do so!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Increased School Traffic --

Word in the news is that beginning this coming Wednesday morning approximately 750+ Sherwood Clinton Elementary School children will be attending school at the First Assembly of God Church on Burrow Drive. This is a temporary measure while their home school's roof trusses are repaired. Needless to say we will be encountering more vehicular traffic coming in at early morning and leaving at mid-afternoon times. Please be aware of this additional traffic in our neighborhood along with the little ones on Burrow Drive. For their safety and ours we may need to adjust our morning departure times and routs from NLAN. Please stay calm and drive safe!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Levy 3.0 Project changes name

We want to say "Welcome" to an ol' NLR Blog site that has changed its name - from 'Levy 3.0 Project' to the 'North Little Rock News' ( . We continue to look forward to them providing community news of interest to help keep us on our toes! We have posted them as a link on the right side of our blog, replacing the former 3.0 link. Why not tap in and see what they're all about!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rose City Neighborhood Association "Child Safety Day"

Please accept an invitation to join them Saturday, November 15th from 11am - 2pm for their 1st Annual Child Safety Day. The NLRPD will be conducting child finger printing and car seat safety checks. The NLR FD will be on hand with a truck and the smoke house. Free food, fun, and games with prizes. There will be 6 drawings for gift cards to Toys-r-Us and Wal-Mart for the children. If you get a chance, load up the family and come on out.

Behind the Adult Education Center, 4300 Haywood Street

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Final Roll Call For Our Military Veterans

On this Veterans Day of 2008 we wanted to note that one of the best kept secrets to honor our Military Veterans is the Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery, located at 1501 W. Maryland Avenue, across from the NLR Airport. In 1997 the 81st Arkansas General Assembly authorized the establishment of a state veterans cemetery, with its dedication taking place in November of 2001. Take JFK Blvd. (Hwy. 107) north into Sherwood, past Kiel Avenue to Maryland Avenue and turn left. You will find well planned grounds with beautiful natural landscaping lending to the peace and quite so deserving for our soldier's final resting place.

Some of the benefits available to honorably discharged veterans of Arkansas include a head stone and internment at no cost! The veteran's spouse and any qualified dependents may be buried with them at a cost of $150.00 each. Other considerations available in recognition of their service to our Country are niches available for cremations, and if the ashes are located elsewhere a memorial can be established on the cemetery grounds for visitation viewing.

We would suggest that if this opportunity applies you take a short drive out Maryland Avenue and see for yourself what is available. Please consider calling the Cemetery Director, Mitch Shelnut, at 683-2259 or e-mail him at for more details. The Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery is truly a fine resting place for all honorable discharged Arkansas Veterans making their final roll call!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

NLAN Meeting November 3, 2008

Lakewood Property Owners Association (LPOA) Activity Center
4500 Lakeshore Drive (west side of Lake #3, south of McCain Blvd. 758-1792)
6:30 PM Meet & Greet
7:00 PM Meeting Starts
8:30 PM Meeting Ends

1. Welcome and introduction of NLAN Officers & Guests.
VP: John Sims Sec.: Faye Kirkwood Tres.: Lynda Etheridge
2. Approval of Minutes – August 18, 2008 NLAN Meeting - Faye Kirkwood
Previously distributed in our October Newsletter for review. Motion for approval!
3. NLAN Treasurer’s Report - Lynda Etheridge
4. NLR Grid Crime & Safety Reports - Sergeant Jim Bona & Officer Brandon Davidson
5. NLR Fire Station #7 Report -
6. Code Enforcement Report - Officer Russ Elrod
7. NLR Licensed Peddler’s ID Card Review
8. Metropolitan Reality’s Five Mile Creek Development Status Report
9. Proposed NLR Neighborhood Street Parking Ordinance - Alderman Hight
10. NLR City Happenings: Ward 4 Aldermen Murry Witcher & Charlie Hight
11. NLAN Identification Badges.
12. NLR Police Officer Tommy Norman: Presenting two community programs - ‘Shop With A Cop’ & ‘The Season of Giving’
13. NLAN Nominating Committee: John Hooker, 758-3610 – Judy McDowall, 758-1668 – Kevin Nichols, 771-4409
14. What’s On Your Mind?
15. Next Regular Scheduled NLAN Meeting: February 2, 2009 Location: TBA

Planning Commission Agenda - November

November 12, 2008
Administrative: Parking Regulations ordinance
Approval of Minutes: October 14, 2008
Subdivision Administrative:
1. NS-2133-08 Indian Hills Subdivision, Lot B-R2, Block 17 (Preliminary Plat and Site Plan Review of a restaurant at JFK and Indian Hills Drive)
2. SPR-2132-08 Riverview Business Park, Lot 3 (Site Plan Review of Conveyor Technology on the north end of Riverview Corporate Drive)
3. SPR-2092-08 Collins Industrial Park, Lot 18B (Amending Site Plan Review of retail center across from Walmart on Crystal Hill Road)
Public Hearing – Old Business:
1. Special Use #660. To allow a sexually oriented business in a C-3 zone. The location is at 6615 Highway 70.
2. Special Use #661. To allow a transitional home for 8 male parolees in a C-3 zone. The location is at 1721 Maple Street.
Public Hearing – New Business:
3. Special Use #664. To allow mining to create a private lake in an I-2 zone. The location is at 9802 Highway 165.
4. Rezone #1468. To rezone property from C-3 to R-2 to allow a house, and to amend the land use plan. The location is at 126 High Drive.
5. Rezone #1469. To rezone property from Conservation to C-3 to allow retail, and to amend the land use plan. The location is southwest of the intersection of Crystal Hill and Dewaffelbakker Drive.
6. Conditional Use #49. To allow a warehouse/office with docks in a C-3 zone. The location is at the north end of Riverview Corporate Drive.
Public Comment / Adjournment: Your browser may not support display of this image.

North Little Rock Christmas Parade Scheduled

The North Little Rock Christmas parade is scheduled for Sunday, December 7 at 2:00 p.m. The theme for the parade this year is “Peace on Earth.”
All clubs, organizations, schools, churches and businesses are encouraged to participate in the parade. An entry form may be obtained by calling the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce at 501-372-5959 or by stopping by the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce at 100 Main Street. All entries must have entertainment appeal by being in costume or decorated. The parade will begin at 2 p.m. at Pershing and Main and will continue down Main Street to Washington Avenue. There will be only one Santa Claus in the parade. The entry deadline is November 30.
The North Little Rock Christmas Parade is sponsored by the North Little Rock Sertoma Club and the City of North Little Rock. For more information or a parade entry form, contact the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce at 372-5959.

NLR Youth Council is collecting items for November projects

The North Little Rock Mayor’s Youth Council are collecting items for a project they are working on. Call Braye Cloud, Director of Youth Services at 340-5309 or Jan Scholl at 834-3784 if you have any questions.