Friday, February 27, 2009

County jail funding

As reported late last night in the NLR Daily News electronic newspaper (listed under Helpful Sites on the right) our very own NLR State House Representative, Barry Hyde, as key sponsor has pushed through Act 209 which increases state-wide county jail funding through increased fines, not increased taxes! It is estimated that the Pulaski County Jail alone through local district courts may see $1,000,000 in additional funds to increase its number of beds and required staffing. You may recall that by our invitation Barry brought his proposed bill to our attention at our February NLAN Meeting and received our strong endorsement and concern to push forward with its presentation to the House and Senate! We want to express our thanks to Barry Hyde for both recognizing this safety concern of NLAN and of all NLR citizens, and for his dedication and passion to successfully get Act 209 on the books! Way to go, Barry!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leaf Vacuum - call in only through March 6

Effective this week, the North Little Rock Sanitation Department Leaf Vacuum routes will be picked up on an “On-Call” status. If you have loose leaves to be picked up, please call 501-371-8345 during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) Monday through Friday, and leave your name, address and telephone number. All machines will be placed in storage after March 6th. After that date, all leaves must be bagged for pick up during weekly trash pickup.

North Little Rock City Council Agenda - Monday February 23

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SEC Womens Basketball tournament

The SEC Womens Basketball tournament takes place at Alltel Arena March 5-8! Tickets available at the ALLTEL Arena Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, charge by phone at 501-975-7575 or online at
Ticket Prices:

Reserved seat package - $90
General Admission "6 pack" - $60
Single session tickets available at start of the tournament.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nominating Committee Announcement

Good news! We are happy to inform all NLANders that your NLAN Nominating Committee Chairman, John Hooker, has announced that effective Wednesday, February 4th, the Committee has established a slate of officers for the following three positions:

President – Charlie Knott
Vice President – Kevin Nichols
Treasurer – Wanda Smith

At this time the remaining NLAN principal officer position of Secretary has not been posted. Any NLANder desiring to serve as recording Secretary is encouraged to contact the Nominating Committee Members to have their name placed on the slate. Also, any other interested names for President, Vice and Treasurer are still open for slate posting. Once again, the Committee Members names and phone numbers are:

John Hooker – 758-3610
Judy McDowall – 758-1668
Kevin Nichols – 258-0246

While the upcoming term of office had been designated as two years, 2009 & 2010 (under the NLAN By-Laws approved January 2008), at this time those by-laws are subject to being reviewed that may affect a change in the term of office to be addressed next month. In other words, at this time there is no set 'term of office' time frame established for the incoming officers to be elected. This matter will be determined by the incoming officers and NLAN members in attendance at the upcoming special called March meeting.

That March meeting will be held on Monday, March 16th at 7:00 pm. The Lakewood Property Owners Association has offered their meeting room to us, the same one we have been using for the past three regular meetings. Further meeting details will be forthcoming as they develop, to be posted both here and in our Special Edition February NLAN Newsletter.

Nate Brandes, NLAN Moderator

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This morning's early addition of the web North Little Rock Daily News ( contained a picture of and a report on our NLAN Meeting of last night. The editor, Scott Miller, correctly reported what happened except for one minor statement made, and that was: "This is the last meeting of the two year terms for the four current officers". As you know, under our NLAN By-Laws effective February 2009 the current officers have finishing their one year term of office and are no longer principals.

For those of you who were not present let me say that the crossroad I previously mentioned to you was indeed approached. All four of the then current NLAN Officers have declined to stay on board as officers. With no NLANder having approached the Nominating Committee before the meeting to offer their service as an officer, coupled with no one being nominated from the floor, last night we found ourselves in uncharted waters.

After discussion by our members along with input from our invited guests, Dan Scott from NLR Neighborhood Services and Mayor Pat Hays, the following points were determined:

1) A motion was approved to call a special NLAN Meeting for March (date & location to be announced) with the sole agenda item to be addressing the validly of whether NLAN continues as a North Little Rock Neighborhood Association as currently supported with by-laws, whether NLAN falls back to being simply a property owner's group with a designated leader, or whether NLAN is finished as an organization, period, with the disposition of its treasury monies to be determined.
2) Upon being asked by me that the NLAN Nominating Committee has agreed to stay in force during the next 30 or so days until the special meeting date to solicit, receive and coordinate word from any NLANder stepping forward and announcing their intent to serve as an officer. The Committee are:
John Hooker, Chairman – 758-3610
Judy McDowall – 758-1668
Kevin Nichols – 258-0246
3) A motion was approved that, in the absence of any current elected NLAN Officer, that Nate Brandes will act as moderator for establishing the meeting date, time and location, to publish this meeting data to our NLAN Members via our EMAS, blog and newsletter, as well as conducting the meeting in the absence of elections being held.

NLAN's crossroad to determine our status as an organization has been met. Which road do we take? Nate

Monday, February 2, 2009

Attention all NLANders!

All of you have received your January copy of the "Our NLAN Newsletter' and therefore you know that this Monday evening we will be conducting our first regular scheduled meeting of 2009.
Also, you can see the big NLAN meeting notice signs posted throughout our neighborhood as reminders.
This meeting will be very important to all NLANders as we have approached a crossroads that will determine what direction we take as a neighborhood association. Please come and help determine that road and how we'll travel it. Your voice is needed! Thank you!
Nate Brandes, President-NLAN