Sunday, May 23, 2010

Email to Aldermen Charlie Hight and Murry Witcher

Charlie and Murry,
It is my understanding that one of the main considerations in establishing overlay districts will be the rate of traffic accidents in the area being considered.

I have reviewed a traffic accident summary report prepared by Traffic Services of North Little Rock for the period of January 1 to December 31, 2008. It appears that the locations of McCain and Landers ranked first, and McCain and Warden ranked third in the rate of traffic accidents, followed by McCain and North Hills at ninth (still high). This must be taken into consideration in recommending these overlay districts.

I am opposed to the overlay district on Warden Road between Somers and West Commercial because of the proximity to the homes on Oak Tree Circle in Lakewood Northeast. I am also opposed to an overlay district on McCain Blvd between North Hills and McCain Mall because of the proximity to homes in Heritage Park.

I ask that you take this into consideration. Thank you.

Charlie Knott
Northeast Lakewood Associated Neighborhoods

To: Mayor Hays and City Council members

I ask that you please consider the following comments on Ordinance O-10-35

Provide Adequate Opportinity for Public Comment
Everyone interested in this issue should be given an opportunity to review this ordinance and comment on it after any amendments are made to the current ordinance on the agenda for the May 24 City Council meeting. Please extend the moratorium as necessary to provide this opportunity, as would normally be provided on any ordinance of this importance. A number of concerned citizens have attended many committee meetings and City Council meetings for over a year to provide input on this issue--all the more reason they and other citizens should be provided the opportunity to comment on the ordinance before it is finalized.

Protect our Neighborhoods
The definition of electronic changeable copy signs (ECCS) should not be amended to exclude from regulation those ECCS that have a change frequency of one hour or more. This opens the door for this type of sign to be installed outside overlay districts. I am concerned that this will allow these signs in neighborhoods at locations surrounded by homes. It was my understanding that all City Council members wanted to provide protection to residential property owners from these signs interfering with the enjoyment of their homes. There are several statements in the ordinance expressing the intent for such protection.
I suggest that the definition of ECCS should not be dependent on any change frequency.

Limit the Permit Period for ECCS
The ten-year permit period for ECCS should be reduced to a period of no more than three years. This will provide a reasonable period to evaluate the impact of these signs on our community, including effect on any nearby homes, traffic safety, and appearance of areas where they are installed. More extensive comments on the permit period are included in a "communication" on the agenda for the May 24 City Council meeting.

Thank you,
Charlie Knott
Northeast Lakewood Associated Neighborhoods

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ground Breaking

You are invited to attend the ground breaking ceremony for the North Little Rock Veterans Memorial. Tuesday, May 11 at 11:30 a.m. in the Laman Plaza/North Little Rock Laman Library. This will be exactly 6 months until Veterans Day, November 11, 2010, the anticipated completion date. Mayor Hays, City Council members, Veterans Memorial Committee, Terry Hartwick/North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce and many others working to complete the memorial will be attending. A donation will be made by the Camp Robinson/Camp Pike Community Council to kick off the fund raising drive.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

City Council Meeting - Monday, May 10th

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Planning Commission - May 11 - 4:45 PM

Public Hearing – Old Business:
1. Rezone #1521. To rezone property from R-3 to I-2 to recognize an existing tool manufacturing business. The request is located at 1317 Orange Street.

Public Hearing – New Business:
2. Rezone #1525. To rezone property from I-1 to R-2 to recognize an existing residence. The request is located at 4616 Briley Road.
3. Rezone #1526. To rezone property from R-4 to I-1 to allow warehousing. The request is located at 3021 Arkansas Ave.
4. Special Use #690. To allow a daycare center in a C-6 zone. The request is located at 600 N. Olive Street.